What I choose to resist


Protest sign Oppose Gorsuch (Drew Angerer/Getty)

As I watched a news feed of protesters outside on the steps of the Supreme Court filling in the name of Neil Gorsuch on their fill-in-the-blank protest signs with Sharpies, I decided that I need to resist the need to knee jerk a reaction to every action taken in D.C.

I am going to resist making sweeping generalizations about Executive Orders that I have not read or researched on my own.  I will not find fault with another person’s point of view without listening to their concerns and offering mine.  Respectfully, of course.

I will resist the urge to paint a nominee for the Supreme Court as a menace and a threat to democracy without reading about his rulings from the bench, his holdings on cases and stand on legislating from the bench.  I will resist the urge to lay blame for the Senate abdicating their responsibility to give Merrick Garland a hearing upon Neil Gorsuch’s shoulders.  It belongs squarely on the shoulders of the Senate Majority Leader.

I will resist the urge to comment on group think laden posts on WordPress and Facebook. I will respect the opinions of bright and dear friends, even if they differ from my own.  I will just resist the urge to go on Facebook all together.

I will resist panic.

I will also resist Oreo cookies and the desire to binge watch all four seasons of Sherlock. OK, well, I am on the last episode of season four of Sherlock so, resistance is futile.

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