The Case for Pardoning Hillary Clinton

hillaryI am sure this will elicit a backlash from those who want to “Lock Her Up”.  I am also pretty sure that her still stunned supporters will protest that she has already been cleared of any wrongdoing and should not be investigated.

But, hear me out.   A protracted investigation will do nothing more than increase the divide between the left and the right.  It will cost the tax payers millions.  It will derail any effort to move forward with reforms or simply doing the nation’s business.  It is a losing proposition no matter which way you approach it and, in reality, will only serve to create a martyr out of Hillary Clinton at a time when many just want her to go away.   It will be an unnecessary distraction at a time when we all need focus on the future of this country.

The headlines today seem to indicate that the President-elect does not want to initiate an investigation in order to allow Mrs. Clinton to “heal”.  If you take him at his word, that seems to be a reasonable position to take to avoid looking like you are vindictively prosecuting a political rival.  But tomorrow is another day and Mr. Trump  retains the prerogative to change his tweet without warning.

He did not ask the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader to shut down Congressional committee investigations that are still looking for a pound of her email.  A few of the Republican chairs of various committees don’t seem inclined to let go of ongoing efforts that could result in requests from the House or Senate to the  incoming administration’s Justice Department to indict Secretary Clinton.

I do believe she lied about everything from Benghazi to her reckless mishandling of classified information.  I think the advisors around her were corrupt and complicit in trying to coverup the extent of her willful disregard for laws governing the handling of material.  I believe, despite the declarations of current FBI Director and Attorney General that her actions did not rise to the level of a crime,  there is ample evidence that could lead to her conviction in a court of law with an impartial jury.

I don’t think we can find an impartial jury for her.

Here is my recommendation.  President Obama should grant her a blanket pardon for her actions while Secretary of State and the coverup of her email server after she left office.  I also think that her immediate aides should also be pardoned.   It would be grossly unfair for Huma Abedin to be punished when Secretary Clinton gets off with a pass.   Besides, isn’t being married to Anthony Weiner enough punishment for any human?

President Obama will not likely suffer any further decline in popularity for doing this.  The people who will howl about the injustice of a pardon don’t like him anyway.  Those that would support it are already in Secretary Clinton’s camp or realize that the future of the country is more important that living in Hillary’s past.  I don’t see a downside.  I even think this will take some of the pressure off of the incoming president.

In a way, this could be a turning point in moving towards a better future in the same way that  President Ford’s pardoning of Richard Nixon was back in September 1974.


Is there a choice?

I am undecided. I am part of the 10-15% of the voters who are undecided.  Perhaps  we are disappointed, flabbergasted or just plain horrified at what is happening.

I probably should not be undecided.  I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in any scenario.  That is not up for debate.  A requirement for my current job is that I hold a security clearance from the United States Government.  Had I done what Hillary Clinton did with a personal server and classified information I would most likely be in prison for violating a litany of federal statutes.  If you have a clearance you know what “classified” information looks like even without classification markings.  You know, as part of your terms of employment, that any disclosure of information that can be harmful to the United States will, at a minimum expose you to disciplinary action that will likely include loss of a clearance and your job.  If you expose classified information as part of a coordinate attempt to shield your correspondence from review by government agencies or subvert the right of the American people to have access to a record of the actions of their government you are committing a crime.   She lied, she continues to lie.  I will never vote for her.

Then there’s Donald Trump.  Of the 16 Republicans running for the Republican nomination for President this year, he was my 17th choice.  I would like to have been able to find for a way to vote for him.  Alas, it seems that every other day he comes out with some outrageous claim, statement, or comment. I don’t think he can help himself.  There seems to be no impulse control at all.  The lack of impulse control seems, to me , to be something that I do not want in a president with access to the nuclear codes or control of the military.

As a veteran (almost 24 years in the Navy), I take offense to his attacks on a Gold Star Family.  Whether or not I agree with Mr. Kahn’s assessment of Mr. Trump’s suitability for the highest office in the land is not material to this discussion.  The fact that Donald Trump went after a family who lost a son in combat is abhorrent to me.  The best thing he could have done was ignore Mr. Kahn’s statements and simply recognize the great sacrifice that family made for this country. With that he should have been done with it.   But his ego is just so fragile, his narcissism so immense that he had to explain the “sacrifices” he made by getting rich building a real estate empire.  Add on the incident with the Purple Heart he displayed, handed to him by a supporter, where he quipped that he always wanted one for himself.   I was in disbelief, I know people who have been awarded that medal.  I am certain not one of them sought that award out.

Are his handlers just incompetent?  Does he listen to anyone? Maybe he is just blind to the optics of dangling a medal awarded for a combat injury or deaf to the sound of an attack on grieving parents.  That tone deafness continues when he infers that a supporter of the 2nd amendment should “take care” of Mrs. Clinton.

With all the political masturbation going on this year on both tickets, maybe there is a way out.  If we are lucky, while Hillary is claiming her birthright to be president and Trump is trying to convince the voting population that a presidency that stars him is the way to “Make America Great Again” we may get lucky and an extinction level event will happen.

Perhaps a North Korean satellite will fall out of orbit during the debate and take both of these blowhards out. I would have been happier with a Biden on the Democrat ticket and anyone with three working brain cells on the Republican side. But the lowest common denominators seem to have come out in droves to drive the choice to Clinton or Trump.

What does it say about our democracy that we have these two rising to the standard of their party.  It seems that we no longer have standards.

I am holding out for a meteor.  Or maybe that rogue North Korean satellite will arrive before November.

I fear for the future of my country.