The Case for Pardoning Hillary Clinton

I am sure this will elicit a backlash from those who want to "Lock Her Up".  I am also pretty sure that her still stunned supporters will protest that she has already been cleared of any wrongdoing and should not be investigated. But, hear me out.   A protracted investigation will do nothing more than increase … Continue reading The Case for Pardoning Hillary Clinton

In Search of Fred Goat

It all started with a homework assignment from my Aunt/God mother at the Kelly Family Reunion in October.  She wanted a photo of Fred Goat. I remember Fred Goat from my childhood. We lived in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn  during the 1960's, just down the street from my maternal  grandmother's house.  Nana, as … Continue reading In Search of Fred Goat

When you say nothing at all…

The Song. It sticks in my head, and it is a frequent companion on my travels between the Tidewater of Virginia and the Georgia Low Country.  In fact, I have more than one version of it.  One that gets played on the southern journey and one that plays on the torture playlist for the trip north.  … Continue reading When you say nothing at all…

An old photo and a 49 year memory shared

I am startled that I do not remember some significant moments in my family history from my childhood.  A Facebook post by my father yesterday jarred my thought process and brought me here. One of my early posts in this blogging experiment had to do with a treasure trove of slides sent to me from … Continue reading An old photo and a 49 year memory shared

15 Years

In 2001, I was assigned to the Logistics Directorate (J4) of  United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) in Norfolk, Virginia.  I was the Logistics Readiness Officer.  In that capacity I oversaw the negotiation of the Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement between the Department of Defense and the Ministry of Defense for Canada. The last stage for finalizing that agreement … Continue reading 15 Years